Which Mailer should I use?
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I am a new Sphere user and just want to use web mail
Use WebMailer V3. This is our newest mailer with the most features and will be upgraded as new updates are released. It also comes with a calendar and task list system to help you organize your important tasks.

I use web mail already and don't use any other method of checking mail
We recommend to stop using the old clients and start using WebMailer V3. The old clients will be left in place but will not be supported. We don't recommend using V2 and V3 in parallel but if you must (e.g. because you have important old mail) then make sure that the "leave mail on server" option is checked in V2's options, else mails will start disappearing in V3 and will only be available in V2. There is no way of migrating old mail saved in V2 to V3. The address book can also not be moved to V3, you will have to recreate it there.

I use pop3 and webmail to check my mail, which webmailer should I use
If you plan to use both webmail and a mail client we recommend you switch from POP3 to IMAP and use V3 of the webmailer. This way mails are stored on the server and can be retrieved from both the web and your client. By using POP3, your mails will be removed from the server when you check your mail via your normal mail client and will not be visible anymore from the webmailer.

I use IMAP and webmail to check my mail, which webmailer should I use
Use V3. This webmailer has full IMAP support and will work perfectly with your IMAP client.

Can I use Sphere to send email (SMTP) via my mail client?
Yes you can hovever you must authenicate. This can be set up from within your mail client. Use your normal Sphere username and password. Activate "secure connection" (SSL) to encrypt your connection to Sphere so that your privacy and your password are protected from others on the internet.

Is there anything special about POP3 or IMAP on Sphere?
Yes, Sphere allows you to use a secure connection (SSL) to retrieve your mail, this can be activated in your client. A secure connection will encrypt your password and any mails you receive from Sphere thereby protecting your privacy and your password from others on the internet.

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