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To upload files onto the sphere server you need an FTP client. These are freely available at tucows.telekabel.at.

I recommend this one for beginners (PC)

Or this one for the mac:

You'll be asked to enter a host name, username and password. Enter the following information:

Host Name: sphere.eu.org
Port: 21
Username: username
Password: Your Password

This will connect you to the server. It should also place you into your home directory (/home/username/). This directory contains your neccessary configuration files so do not delete them.
To upload your public files (www) place them into the 'www' directory (/home/username/www). Your mail file should be called 'index.html' and please note that it is case sensitive. You can then view your page by pointing your browser to http://sphere.eu.org/username.

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