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Web Space - We offer our users as much as they need for their web page: whether its a private 1 mb page, or a larger scale project. As long as your request sounds reasonable that is... Also, if you need want us to host your dns name (you have to own it)... No dns? Then you'll get http://sphere.eu.org/user and http://loves.quake.at/user. If you need special setups (CGI) please send an email to the admin.

Ftp - Basically the same as web space, we can provide the same service for your ftp server...

Email - Need an e-mail address? Want pop3 and smtp services or do you want your email forwarded to a different email address? We offer your own email address such as user@sphere.eu.org and user@loves.quake.at.

Mail Lists - Have a big group of people who need to receive the same mail? Then mailing lists are what you need. Users can subscribe themselves, or you can have closed lists. For more information read the (not yet open) help section.

Telnet(ssh) - We are a little more reluctant on giving away telnet accounts, however should you have a good reason to need one we offer access to our shell. If (like many people) you need the shell for eggdrop, you can send us a fully configured botscript and we shall launch the bot for you, allowing you to admin the bot via IRC.

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