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1) Go to Tools->Accounts, and click on the Mail Tab.

2) Here you should find your current configuration (which we are not going to change). Open it, and click on the Servers tab. Write down the Outgoing (SMTP) information. Now click on the Connection tab, and write down which selection you have there.
Now, click on Cancel to make sure you don't alter anything.

3) Your back in the accounts screen. Click on Add->Mail... Go through the Wizard:

Display Name: Your Name
Email address: username@sphere.eu.org
Incoming Mail: sphere.eu.org
Outgoing Mail (smtp): [The thing you wrote down]
Logon using Pop account name:   username
Password: [Your password]
Connection Type: The thing you wrote down.

4) Thats it, your account is setup without losing your first one...

Now comes the good part: Both accounts will be checked for new mail. And you can send mails as both people. To change which person your sending to go to:
Tools->Accounts and the mail tab, click as the account you want send as and click on 'set as default'.

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