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Welcome to Sphere! Sphere is a service that provides you with ftp/email/web space/telnet(ssh) accounts. But best of all, we do it for free! Not only that, but we also do not have any advertising! No more blinking advertisements on your web page, no more logos that you have to post. No more pop-up windows that appear at random. Just your html or email the way you created it. The other advantage: we're flexible! Your requests are sent to humans. So if you need 56mb of web space, you can have it (if we agree to host of course). So why not sign up now?

STATUS UPDATE:  Were full... Check back Autumn'99.

Saturday, 15. May 1999
Due to our bandwidth being relatively thin, and due to the number of people who can't read(!!!) I have stopped issuing accounts. When we do our hardware update in autumn '99 we will start issuing new accounts again.

Friday, 02 April 1999
Ok, apologies but the router was down for 24 hours, of which I have no power over. But the problem is fixed. Were running kernel 2.2.5 now, for those interested, and we've installed a new web e-mail interface which supports attachments.

Wednesday, 17. February 1999
Due to bandwidth restrictions and a lot of accounts coming from obviously FAKE addresses we are going to stop accepting external WWW and telnet accounts. VIS students can still request all accounts. Others can still request e-mail accounts and mail-lists (5 more spaces available). If your not from the VIS but do have a good reason to request an account, write an extra e-mail to sphere AT aon POINT at. We will resume the normal request system in Autumn.

Thursday, 24. December 1998
Merry Christmas everyone... Hope your enjoying yourself! Anyway, I've been receiving requests for accounts from 'mystreet' and 'fearsville'. If you can't give me your real address you will NOT receive an account. Also please do not ask for telnet accounts if you don't need them (your account will take longer to set up so only check this box if you know what your doing).

Thursday, 26. November 1998
A few days ago we installed the new Linux kernel 2.0.36. We have also added our first file to our help section! Within a few months we should have help for many browsers and programs used with our services.

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