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To upload files onto the sphere server you need an FTP client. These are freely available at tucows.telekabel.at.

I recommend this one for beginners (PC)

Create a new profile. Call it Sphere and fill in the following information:

Host Name: sphere.eu.org
Host Type: Automatic detect
Port: 21
User ID: username
Password: Your Password

Leave the rest blank.

You are now connected. You will find that you are in a directory with many files. Ignore these files, they are there for configuration purposes. You can upload your private files into the directory you are in now (/home/username). Only you have access to those files.

If you requested a www account you will find a www folder in your folder. Double click it and upload your web files there. Double click on '..' to get back to your own directory.

If you mailed the admin for an ftp account you will also have a 'pubftp' folder in your folder. Double click it and transfer all your ftp files you want to have publicly available there. these files become available if anyone logs on with 'anonymous' as the username onto our ftp server. Your files will be in /pub/users/username.

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