New Services
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To improve reliability and service quality the following features were added to Sphere:

Mail PictureMail
Spam Filter
All email that passes sphere is spam checked: spam messages get [SPAM] added to their subject.
IMAP Server
Mail is now available via IMAP and POP3.
WebMailer V3
New IMAP based web mail system featuring encrypted communication, filters, folders, address books, a spell checker and a complete personal digital assistant (PDA).
SSL for all mail services
POP3, IMAP and SMTP now all offer encrypted communication via SSL.
SMTP Authentication
You can now use Sphere as your SMTP server provided you authenticate using your username and password.
General PictureGeneral
RedHat 8
All packets were updated to their RedHat 8 equivalent.
RAID Level 2
Two hard disks are now linked and synchronized, if one hard disk dies no data is lost.
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